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Aleya Nicole Lin Brooks was born November 3, 2007 in the Hubei Province of China. She was adopted into the Brooks family and came to her forever home in August 2008.

In her short 15 years, Aleya lived life to the fullest.

She was a straight A honor student through all years of school, two time national champion cheerleader, gifted artist, beautiful singer, inspirational writer and aspired to be a neuropsychologist to one day cure diseases of the brain. Everything she did was done with excellence.

But all her accomplishments paled in comparison to the bright light she was in the world.

She was kind and compassionate to everyone, especially those who were outcast and alone. She was intentional and did not waste precious time on distractions like social media, but instead lived each moment of her life with purpose and passion. She was an encourager, motivator, and role model to her cheer team, classmates, and even her teachers.

Everyone who met Aleya instantly loved her…and she loved everyone with the same perfect, unconditional love she knew in Jesus.
Aleya Nicole Lin Brooks
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