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God Wink for Today

Tonight I'm sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City.

With July right around the corner, I brought my THRIVE Guidebook with me to set up for the next quarter.

As I was going through my old one, I found these handwritten notes from my little girl.

I always loved getting these messages from her. Today, they mean more than I could have ever imagined.

I can almost hear her voice saying...

"Thank you for always loving and supporting me through my life."

I can feel her reading out to hold my hand as she says...

"I'm so grateful for everything."

As she draws close to me and curls up under my arm for a bit hug, I hear her say...

"I'll never be able to repay you for, and the precious moments we spend together."

I treasure these simple notes. I remember the precious moments.

Never again this side of heaven.


Last week seemed to be a little better.

These last two days have been really hard. Waves of crushing sorrow have coursed through my mind and heart.

Triggers all around me.

Reminders of my beautiful daughter and the love shaped hole in my heart made especially for her.


Tomorrow is a new day.

A new opportunity to take another step.

To embrace the crushing with anticipation of God's grace and love covering the hurt and heartache.

A new opportunity to "Place my confidence in God & truly live in His never-changing Love!

Thank you, Princess, for the messages. I'll treasure them forever and always!

Daddy 💙

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