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Reflections: PCB '23

Last night Darla and I wrapped up a week getaway to the Gulf Coast. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions.

We remembered the past when we vacationed here as a family with our little girl.

We processed the reality that those future moments are gone forever.

We celebrated the closeness of God to give us grace and comfort in the midst of the crushing and healing.

Darla and I were very intentional with alone time and together time. We needed both.

As we were walking on the beach last night, marveling at another magnificent sunset, we

talked about how we are both learning to Inhale Faith and Exhale Fear, believing this was a message Aleya left that resonates with everyone in their own way.

Everyone needs a glimpse of faith.

Everyone is struggling with different degrees and areas of fear.

We scribbled her message in the sand...

As we watched from our balcony, several people stopped and read the words.

Some even lingered a while...

We wonder what they were thinking.

We wondered how Aleya's message spoke to the situation they were it possibly planted a seed of hope.

We're glad for our time away.

It was hard AND amazing.

By God's grace, we'll be back again soon.


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