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The Brave Warrior

We are incredibly blessed that Aleya left for us the gift of her writing. She was a deep feeler and thinker, wise beyond her years, and passionate in her love for Jesus. This is a writing called "The Brave Warrior" from September 20, 2021. I hope it will inspire someone today like it inspired me..."Take another step of faith towards His light."

The girl mumbled, "Hide your pain and don't cry." In other circumstances she could have just teleported away, but no, she was demanded to stay in her harsh reality. The plague of darkness kept spreading and gaining momentum. She was stuck in a trap by her own conscience without any exits. She was left all alone, and stranded by her desolate thoughts.

During the war in her mind was raging rampant with spiteful thoughts pounding on her. This seems like the toughest battle yet! At first, doubt slowly emerges while steadily creeping in and holding her prisoner. Then failure terrorizes her confidence, and fear destroys her hope. Even her own pain left her shattered with brokenness.

Despite all, she prays, "Jesus, can't there be an antidote for my distress?"

Afterwards, those precious moments when her mind grew still with sudden warmth enveloping her in an embrace, she envisions a magnificent light piercing the darkness. Jesus answers, "So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed."

The girl found power in the name of Jesus, for only Jesus can give you true liberation from our bondage. All she had to do was take another step of faith towards His light.

Aleya Brooks


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